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Hello, my name is Rachael, Rachael Wood & I am a Management Accountant by profession & prior to Forever, I enjoyed a successful career in Retail Finance.  Whilst I had a great career, with a great package & all that went with it, my work:life balance was less than ideal & at times quite simply grim! The very long working hours, coupled with a high impact sport (I’m a keen wakeboarder) resulted in back issues & consequently time out of work.   Whilst off work with a bad back I did a lot of thinking; my life wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be, something had to change & I knew my days of sitting endlessly at a computer had to stop..

Therefore, when my office & position relocated to Switzerland a couple of years ago, I surprised everyone & declined the offer to relocate; instead opting for voluntary redundancy.  I took some time out of the rat race to recharge & had a vision of a portfolio career.  I wanted to be my own boss, & I wanted to be more active, though wasn’t quite sure how that would map out. It was then that Forever found me!

I was introduced to the products; loved the results & then realised I could happily recommend the products to others and decided to join.   By using the products myself & simply recommending them and sharing the business opportunity with others my business soon snowballed, resulting in a promotion to Manager within 6 months.  Within 12 months , I was going on an ‘all expenses paid’ trip to Singapore for the annual Global Rally.  This truly was the trip of a lifetime as it enabled me to fulfill the dream of literally HALF of my lifetime & return to Malaysia where I lived many years ago.  Being back on the island was a real pinch ‘yourself moment’, gob-smacked that Forever had effectively paid for me to return.

Now that I have found Forever, I am very pleased to report I have a much happier & healthier work life balance & quality of life. I have made some great friends, work alongside a fabulous team & get immense pleasure from helping others & seeing them succeed.   I love all that Forever has on offer; especially the opportunities to travel.  I was in Johannesburg for the Global Rally in April & in early December returned from a fabulous trip to the US, visiting the Forever Head Office in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I had the pleasure of spending time with the founder & CEO of Forever, Rex Maughan (pictured) before heading to a conference in Las Vegas in December, stopping at a Forever resort in the Rockies on route.  I also was able to catch up with a couple of my best friends who live in California!  The opportunities to travel with this company are simply priceless.

My Forever business has given me the freedom (both financially & time-wise (which was so lacking in my corporate role) to do things for love;  I now also teach a dance fitness class & do a lot of voluntary work including my passions for dancing & wakeboarding.  Life Is Good.  Thank you for taking the time to read this & if you would like to find out more please either drop me a line at rachaelwood@flp.com or call me on +44 7932 686712